"Movement is math, the body Must follow an exact sequence  of steps to move, if that sequence is wrong, a lack of performance and injury are inevitable"
- Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT - 

Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT, CSCS

Dr. Kevin McGovern, PT, Perfecting His Craft to Help People Recover, Perform and Stay Healthy
Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT is a physical therapist, certified strength & conditioning coach, author, inventor, and industry described "movement guru". 

He is a graduate of Northeastern University (B.S.) and Simmons University (Doctorate).  

He has been in private practice for 25 plus years.  The last 20 years as an owner, operator, and consultant of 4 separate business.  

He was awarded the distinguished, "PT Practice of the Year" in 2004 by a national trade magazine.  In 2010 he lead his practice to the INC. Magazine's 5000 List of Growing Companies.

Dr. Kevin's life work has been the creation and perfection of GAME, or Graded Active Movement Exam.  This test is able to identify both current injury and is a predictor of possible future injury. GAME can be used to test people from the average Joe to Olympic athletes.  

The results of measurable results of GAME and the corresponding treatment plans have led to amazing results from fixing long standing injuries in 2 visits to adding 5 MPH on a fastball in under 4 hours!

Kevin has detailed the history, philosophy, and theory behind G.A.M.E. in his upcoming book: "The Book on Movement, Vol.1" , due out in early 2020!

Dr. McGovern's  PERFECT MOTION Sports Therapy is his newest practice, a cash-based model free from insurance and government restrictions and TOTALY focused on the needs of each patient.  He is able to help patients in his local office or across the Globe through his Telehealth model.

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A treatment method 25 years in development that has delivered results to over 10,000 patients!

The medical world has made incredible advances in patient care over the last 25 years in areas of surgery, organ transplants, evaluation technology, and disease stopping drugs. However, in the rehabilitation world it is still taking 15 to 20 visits to fix some problems like back pain, if, its fixed at all!  

Dr. Kevin McGovern, PT created PERFECT MOTION to get his patients back to life, work, and/or sport as fast as possible. How does this work? Human movement is a math equation. Meaning, there is an exact sequence of moves that occur with every movement you make. Just like an a equation or formula, if just ONE of these movements are off, a lack of performance and injury will certainly occur. If this sequence of movements has not been corrected in the past, this is the exact reason you are not back to full health.

"When you build a skyscraper, you start with the stable foundation of the parking garage. If the parking garage is unstable, the penthouse will eventually fail. The human body works in the same way. If the body does not have perfect from the initiation of the movement, a lack of performance is immediate and injury in inevitable." -Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT, CSCS

At PERFECT MOTION, the most important visit is the INITIAL EVALUATION. At the the initial evaluation you will undergo an extensive evaluation which includes a full health history, a history of your problem/injury and all of the treatment you have had to date, a GAME Test, and a palpation exam of all major area of the body that may contribute to your current condition.

The next step is a comprehensive interview of you. We want to know how this injury has affected your life, why you want to get better, what are your goals and aspirations once you are healthy and most importantly analyzing life activities that may contribute to your injury.

All of the interview, health history, and exam findings are analyzed and the results are gone over with you step by step to make sure there is complete understanding of how you were injured, why it happen or continues to happen, and how , together, we will fix it. We call this part of the Initial Evaluation, the Report of Findings.

We take the Report of Findings and your goals from the interview and formulate a Plan of Care. The Plan of Care is a roadmap to get you from your current condition to a condition where you can EXCEED your goals. The Plan of Care is a prescription of the amount of visits needed to get you to a level of function where you are healthy, moving with precision, and have prevention strategies so that you NEVER return to PT for the same injury. We start the prevention strategies at the conclusion of the initial evaluation. You are instructed and perform the two exercises that will keep you healthy throughout your life.
In order to be an athlete in any sport, your basic human movements must be in a perfect neurological sequence in order to improve performance and stay injury free. CLICK for more information on our programs.

"Athletic performance MUST start with the mastery of the fundamental movement of the body" -Dr Kevin McGovern, PT

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